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In light of the new ownership of the Myrtle Beach Speedway we are trying to gain support for the addition of a barrier to be placed from turn two to turn three opposite of the grand stands prior to the new planned development(s).

This barrier will be a sound(less) solution to what could become a very loud problem when they run races almost every day of the week. We are not seeking to prevent this attraction merely coming to a middle ground that will suffice both homeowners and NASCAR enthusiasts.

Clearly the issue of having an increasing occurrence of races during the week and throughout the year can be problematic for the property values within the area.  Lets work together to provide great entertainment for our communities but also keep the integrity of the property values and investments that have been made from your personal standpoint.


Myrtle Beach Speedway

The aim of this petition isn’t to discourage new business to the Myrtle Beach area but to grow with it so that everyone involved can be best suited for the said growth.  Let’s show support for the ever-growing speedway while ensuring our own investments and peace of mind is protected.  The barrier requested to be built is a sound alternative to the noise issue at hand and we hope to work with the developers in this process to protect everyone involved!

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